Teaching Staff

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Alta Mesa


K – 8th Grade

Phone: (480) 807-1100



7th – 12th Grade

Phone: (480) 635-9400



Pre-K – 6th Grade

Phone: (480) 834-6202



K – 6th Grade

Phone: (480) 248-8025

District Staff

Email: learningfoundation@msn.com

I have been a businesswoman most of my life including over 22 years of expertise in charter school management. In 1995 I assisted in opening one of the first charter schools in Arizona. I took ownership of my first charter school, Classic and Four Arts (CAFA), in 2002. In 2003 I opened the first Learning Foundation and Performing Arts Charter School at the Stapley campus in Mesa. Beginning with the 2006 school year I opened two more K-12 schools in East Mesa and Gilbert. In 2013 I opened a K-6 school in a newly built, state-of-the-art facility in East Gilbert. In 2014 I opened a newly built, state-of-the-art 7-12 school across the street from the K-6 and closed the original Gilbert 7-12 school.

My vision for my schools is to become an industry leader in providing and balancing strong academic and fine arts programming resulting in outstanding individuals whose education has addressed the whole person; who are well-rounded and ready to lead productive and successful lives with the skills to take positive advantage of any opportunities life may offer. Along with my own experience and dedication, my excellent staff and Highly Qualified teachers have greatly assisted me to create the perfect balance in establishing and maintaining the Learning Foundation and Performing Arts Schools.

Email: broberts@lfapa.org

Email: learningfoundation@msn.com

Email: learningfoundation@msn.com