Warner Curriculum

Kindergarten through Sixth Grade classes use the Houghton Mifflin Harcourt “Journeys” reading program and the “Spalding” program for spelling, vocabulary and writing.  The HMH “Go Math” program is used for mathematics.  Macmillan Science and Macmillan/McGraw Hill Social Studies round out the core curriculum.  All programs provide seamless academic transitions from grade to grade.

All teachers utilize supplementary resources. including novels, online resources, technology, and various other sources.  Teachers and students, K through 6, incorporate technology through the use of our computer lab and White Boards in every classroom used by teachers to project visuals and connect new concepts or skills to prior learning.  Students develop technologyl skills that will allow them to compete in a technologically advanced society.

“ACUITY”, a diagnostic and predictive assessment program, is used as our benchmark and progress monitoring program and is also used to determine deficiencies in student academic knowledge. These assessments assist LFPA in providing interventions for students in need of extra help by adjusting instruction and/or providing supplementary instruction.   Students can improve their classroom Acuity assessments by practicing on the Acuity website at home. The Acuity instructional resources are directly aligned to standards.  https://www.acuityathome.com/index.jsp


Kindergarten:  P.E., Dance, Musical Theater, Music, Art

1st – 3rd Grades:  P.E. Dance, Musical Theater, Art, Ceramics-Fall, Music-Spring, Keyboarding-Spring

4th Grade:  P.E. Dance, Musical Theater, Art, Guitar-Fall, Keyboarding-Fall, Ceramics-Spring

5th-6th Grades:  P.E. Dance, Musical Theater, Guitar-Fall, Keyboarding-Fall, Art-Spring, Ceramics-Spring

Students who transition into LFPA 7th-12th grades may choose from a wide variety of electives in the areas of Performing Arts, Art, Academics, Foreign Language and Fitness/Athletics.